Website Design

We have built and maintain websites for businesses of all sizes.

Whatever your situation, we can help improve your online presence.

Key Considerations:

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We have designed many websites for a range of different clients, each one with their own budget, plan and goals that they would like to achieve.

When we take on a project, we listen to all the criteria you would like to hit – staying in budget but delivering the highest quality website you will find for your investment.

We always set out to construct a website that encapsulates your brand, communicates your message, and delivers on your websites ‘call to action’.

We have worked with clients who’s knowledge of the web is fairly limited – but do not let that put you off! We absolutely do not bamboozle with industry jargon – we keep that in the office! What you will get from us is honest, to-the-point advice and comments, and we’ve found this to be both effective and appreciated.


How Long Does It Take?

This varies! It’s difficult to say for sure as it depends completely on the size of the site and what you’d like the function to be. However smaller websites (16 pages) can go live from nothing within 4 weeks.


How much does it cost?

Similarly to the previous question – this depends! Our prices start at £599, which will get you a simple 16 page website. For a quick quote on a website, simply whatsapp us, or drop us a mail and we will give you a price as quickly as possible!


What do you need from me?

The more you can give us the better! Obviously we’re not experts in every industry, so we would need guidance on your product or service, industry terms and of course as many pictures as you can get! When it comes to written content, we can take information given by you, and re-write it so that it has the most effect on the web.

What if we want changes made?

Not. A. Problem. Believe us when we say that we understand as well as anybody how quickly things can change. From when you receive your website, you get a set amount of time to get your amendments done. Then moving forward we work in two ways; if you are expecting frequent changes, we can work on a retainer fee. If however you anticipate fewer changes then you can pay an hourly rate for your changes.

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