Social Media

SmartFinch can give you an understanding of good Social Media practices.

We can devise a social media calendar in line with your business goals to ensure you are making the most of your channels.

Social Media Information

Essentially the first thing to know about social media is that it is split into two parts:

Paid and Organic.

Both are very different and can be used to achieve very different results.

Organic is a longer process where a business can put out messages in order to try and generate a following. This is a case of regular posting from an account with content that resonates with the target audience of the business.

Paid gives a much quicker return, but of course it requires investment. That being said, it is very affordable and can be used for a number of business aims – wether that be selling tickets, increasing followers, website traffic…and so on. It is also extremely accurate, with demographics and locations being able to be determined before a penny is spent.

Social Media Management Pricing Guide

Two posts per week.

Artwork creation.

Messages summary.

Monthly reporting.


Daily tweets.

Artwork creation.

Relevant likes/retweets.

Monthly reporting.


Three posts per week.

Hashtag research.

Relevant ‘likes’.

Monthly reporting.


Account management.

Lead generation.

Sharing relevant articles.

Monthly reporting.


Social Media Training

We offer training courses for you to take on your social media management yourself! This will include post scheduling, graphic creation, researching hashtags, monitoring progress and lots more! For more information, get in touch.

We are happy to come to your office, or we can book a venue to conduct the training.

Each session will end with a training document to take away full of tips and tricks of the trade.