Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a very effective tool when used correctly.

It is very complex, and it’s not uncommon for people to not know much about it.


From our experience it can be daunting allocating a budget towards something that is not understood – that’s why we don’t spend a penny before we’ve gone through every step with you, and give you the power to pause or cancel a campaign whenever you want.


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Pay per click is widely used in a variety of different industries. Why? Because it puts you in front of your market the exact moment they are searching for your product or service.

If you are unsure where this appears, you have definitely seen it before!

What's So Good About PPC?

Advertising generally is putting your information where you think your target will be looking and hoping it hits. With PPC your advert only shows once they have actively searched, so you know you’re hitting the right people, and hitting the at the optimum time.

What do you need from me?

Typically we will just take care of everything. We would just ask that you take care to read reports to ensure you are happy with the results!

How Much Will PPC Cost?

As always this is difficult to say, but our prices start from £350pcm, plus whatever your advert spends (which can be capped). For clients with a much larger budget there is a scale dependant on your ad spend which will have to be priced individually.

How do we know if it's working?

Reports! As frequently as you like (but typically on a monthly basis) we will send you a report that summarises everything in chunks so that you can easily see what successes your campaign is bringing in.

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